(Being) Helen Sucks

All is fair in love and war until Helen happens to be deemed as the most beautiful in all the world and is whisked away by the Prince of Troy. Her envious gloat of a husband brings havoc and breaks out into a full blown war. He succeeds in his task to bring her back, but did he really succeed? He is only haunted by hallucinations of variations of whom was once his wife. She now just a symbol of so called freedom and only proceeds outward beauty. She is an idol, a heroic symbol, one could say. Although does she even have a say or a choice?

Helena Sucks is an English performance performing at 31st of May, 1st and 2nd of June.

Asia Szakal, Laetitie Chamussy, Emiliyana Georgieva, Jazné Chetty, Aoife Purcell, Marianas Duarte Nune, Efe Erturk, Jelmer Nicasie, Viren Tyagi, Lois Vonk

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