Jong Belegen 20+

Wanted: 20smth!
Have you given up on finding a job after your studies and resigned yourself to ‘gaining experience’ as an unpaid intern for the next twenty years? Did you wake up one day to find all your momentum gone and you must choose a direction now BUT WHICH ONE!? Have you spent years uninstalling and reinstalling the latest dating app on your phone? Are you idealistic and powerless?

Applicants should have:
1. At least €100.000 in debt
2. Years (at least twenty) of experience in Looking For A Job
3. At least twenty of the following traits: creativity, serious work ethic, knows Excel like his own tiny apartment, programming experience, experience in visual design, flexibility in working hours, physical flexibility, world-record limbo dancer, good at improvising, great at planning, can handle stress, stage training, previously worked in an Italian restaurant, 29+ Charisma, speaks twenty languages, volunteers at an animal shelter on the weekends, will have your back in a bar fight, recently returned from a trip to Mars (the planet).

Aimee Jacobs, Bas Slotema, Jef Rouschop, Loïs Lentz, Maarten Biemans, Niek Rutten, Thijs Jenneskens, Walter Aarts, Yannique van Megen

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