Wildest Dreams

Imagine a safe world where your insecurities don’t exist, where you are free to become heroes of your own division and where you can be everything you want to be. Imagine meeting people every week to play a game where you enter this other world. An escape, from your real life nightmares. The line between who you choose to be and what you really are is getting more and more blurry when suddenly a new influence chances the course of your adventure. Well luckily you don’t have to imagine because in this play we take a dive into the lives of a group of people who try to adjust themselves to a new addition. Old wounds get revisited, some new wounds are opened and a lot of salt is rubbed in both. This play with an increasing ‘wtf’ factor is a must see in this season of Doppio plays.

Caresse Donks

Sjoerd Spies, Evan Broeren, Julia van Gils, Luka Corralero Medina, Kaj Stolle, Jopie van Dalfsen en Mirjam de Rijke

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